Anti-corruption Policies

AGB CONSTRUCTORA rejects all forms of corruption applying a zero tolerance criterion regarding any breach of this policy.

All employees, managers, and others acting on behalf of AGB CONSTRUCTORA may not pay or solicit bribes or otherwise attempt to improperly influence any other person, whether in the public or private sectors, even if such payment has been requested and a bribe has been denied. This is applicable if an improper payment is made directly through an employee of AGB CONSTRUCTORA or through a third party, such as agents or representatives, vendors, clients, partners, or other service providers.

AGB CONSTRUCTORA strictly prohibits bribery and corruption of all kinds related to the company’s professional activity. AGB CONSTRUCTORA’s employees participating in a bribery or corruption case will face disciplinary measures that may include dismissal, or financial sanctions and criminal prosecution.

In order to prevent corruption, AGB CONSTRUCTORA will carry out all its activities in accordance with the legislation in force in all areas of action, taking into account its spirit and purpose.

The company will not tolerate retaliation against individuals who report potential bribery or corruption in good faith. Anyone who has knowledge of what he believes to be a form of retaliation should report it to the CEO of the company.

AGB CONSTRUCTORA considers that complying with this policy is the responsibility of all its employees.

Code of Ethics and Conduct 2018