We provide all types of works and installations thanks to a solid structure of means and technology that together with our professionals, consultants and suppliers gives rise to an integrated production.


As a construction company we provide all kinds of works and installations, thanks to a solid structure of means and technology, which together with our professionals, consultants and suppliers gives rise to an integrated production.

We approach each work with seriousness and commitment. Physical and financial planning is a priority, it allows the peace of mind of verifying that the project has been carried out as planned in terms of costs and deadlines.

In the construction of the works projected by us or by third parties, we offer you the possibility of contracting “turnkey”, delivering the work completely finished and prepared for the planned activity.

We can intervene in the construction, expansion and remodeling of: civil and architectural works, (gated communities, single-family, multi-family or horizontal property houses, hotels, corporate buildings, housing buildings, sanatoriums, supermarkets, etc.) industrial buildings (warehouse , factories, industrial plants, treatment plants) and also various or smaller-scale works (commercial, leisure, franchise premises, etc.).

Works Management

To meet the client’s expectations and optimize the results of the works (quality / time / cost), AGB Constructora starts from its planning (evaluation of the characteristics of the site, study of management regulations and permits, development of the project organization chart, preparation of the basic budget, definition of the date the work will be started, etc.), followed by the selection and contracting of designers (architecture studios, technical advisers, etc.), suppliers and contractors, coordination, negotiation and monitoring of contracts , of the costs, of the resources, of the raised quality standards.

Project and Design

All the projects we carry out are based on comfort, aesthetics and functionality when carrying them out. Our intervention in each work is distinguished by the application of the most innovative and practical solutions, carrying out high-quality projects.

We use the latest 3D computer tools, to be able to visualize and promote the project, thus allowing us to make necessary changes and adjustments to the design.
In addition to the project, we carry out the Construction Management, verifying the completion of the tasks in forms and times, respecting the original idea, ensuring excellent results.

With the “turnkey work” contracting mode, our company carries out the preparation and analysis of the tasks, which can range from the search for the land through the project and construction to the delivery of the finished work, always following the parameters of quality and times established together with the client.